1. Do I have to cover parking fees?
    Yes, parking will need to be factored into the pricing example: If you would like to have a project on South Beach, parking can be very tricky and costly anywhere from 15-50 dollars. That will need to be added on top of the pricing for the project.
    2I want to create a custom service.
    Please contact us to discuss needs for the project
    3How far should I book in advance?
    We understand that things may arise last minute, booking is typically preferred to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance to secure a time slot for you on your specified day, but last-minute booking can potentially be available as well. Depending on how last minute and the location/type of project, it may be subject to an additional charge which will be discussed before the booking.
    4What is your refund policy?
    After receipt of payment, whether for future jobs or deposits, there is a 48hr window for a full refund. After 48hrs, there will be no refund. Incomplete tasks may be rescheduled and monitored to fit all parties' schedule.
    5If I am not satisfied with the work, what can I do?
    We are sorry to hear that, but we can evaluate the situation and work together to find a solution. Please email us at
    6Can I purchase gift cards?
    Yes! Send an email to and we can discuss the type of gift card you may be looking for.
    7What is the turnaround time for projects?
    Turnaround times vary from project to project but, in most cases, you can expect anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. Your provider will be able to articulate the specific time frame after booking.
    8Do I have to pay a deposit?
    Yes. 60 percent to lock in the date and 40 percent due the day OF the project. Cannot guarantee slots without a deposit.
    9How long do you keep RAW files / may I have them?
    : We hold on to RAW files for up to 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks) after the completion of an assignment, to receive RAW files if you would like to keep / take ownership it is a $100 one-time fee and must provide a hard drive for us to transfer the footage on to.

    For All Questions not answered below, please contact us at or call us at (954)-241-4259.